VIDEO ANIMATIONS are brief videos that illustrate a ‘how-to’ or lesson using animated characters or white-board illustrations. Videos provide an engaging narrative for training, education or marketing a product or service. An animated explainer video can be an engaging way to communicate a complex idea. Videos can be a powerful way to introduce customers to new products or services. 

Law enforcement officers are exposed to frequent violence and suffering on the job. When compared to the public, officers are five times more likely to develop depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and have an 82% higher risk for suicide. Post-traumatic mental health symptoms negatively impact officers’ job performance and families. IJRD developed “Resiliency Behind the Badge,” an online training curriculum providing a framework for understanding trauma, mind/body processes and PTSD. IJRD partnered with the Florida Sheriff Association’s Training Institute to provide free access to members, helping officers learn techniques to utilize safer coping behaviors in moments of stress at work and home.
Estimated Cost Savings: $19,800

Training modules were formated for online delivery into courses that combined video, animation, and required user interaction. Successful course completion resulted in professional certifications.
Congrats to a great team at IJRD, thanks for the opportunity to be a part of!