LOGOS are marks that not only communicate an identity to a subject, they become shorthand to communicate the product itself. 

Logos should work as effectively in black and white as they do in full color. Logos are the most versatile when they are created as raster generated images that can easily size up and down for multi-media uses.

Ideally, logos should be timeless but images often need to change in ways that allow them to stay relevant and adapt to ever changing technology – and shapes such as social media windows. New logos should be a marriage of creative design and utilitarian function.

Creative design in logos should distill the fundamentals of the product, company or service into a distinct mark that is used throughout a marketing campaign to brand an image or service in a memorable way.

“We would be completely lost without all your professional help, from the logo to the newsletter. Several appraisers called me, and commented on how professional we look. Your support, help, and assistance in holding our hand through the entire process is what makes us look professional. Thanks so much.” – Chris Moran, CPA