Print Collateral includes annual reports, direct mail postcards, rack brochures, sales folders, business stationary and product packaging and specialty items – all reflections of your company and services.

Creative design in print starts with good communication between the designer and the client. Targeted graphics and organization are key to holding your customer’s attention with well written copy and appropriate images.

Print for packaging requires both design and functionality to make it obvious to the customer how the product can be used and the benefits it can bring. Special print processes such as silkscreen, die-cutting and CD making may require special production methods unlike those of off-set printing. Packaging can require die lines, bar codes and other technical considerations. A consistent marketing image should be reflected throughout for custumers to recognize your brand.

Printing involves excellent communication between vendor and designer. Incorrect pre-press production can result in costly mistakes. Production for CMYK and spot color printing can vary between offset and digital printers. EGraphicDesign works hand-in-hand with printers and digital providers to make sure your files are correctly formatted and that images have been processed in the correct resolution for output.

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